“After attending one of Jay’s online masterclasses I was very impressed with his teaching approach and decided to contact him for private production lessons. At first I was apprehensive about taking lessons in production again after negative experiences with other tutors but soon realised that not only is Jay an amazing teacher but also one of the nicest, most approachable tutors you’ll meet! Knowledgable, thorough and reliable. I look forward to booking another session in the near future! Highly recommended.” Dan U

“Jay was a knowledgeable and patient mentor throughout the course, and I had very positive and productive experience. Despite the short time frame (3 days), I learnt far more than I had in entirety of my time hopping between online tutorials. Regardless of your level of expertise in audio engineering, I’d highly recommend studying with Jay. I am hoping to return to Driftwood Studios in the not so distant future.” Richard P

“Thank you, Jay, for a clear and concise lesson in recording techniques and software, backed up by a first class recording studio and in-depth theoretical knowledge.
I would recommend anyone to take a trip to Mersea Island, sample the excellent sea food, and take advantage of Jay Stapley’s vast experience as one of Britain’s top session men, educators and recording engineers.” Paul S

Learn the secrets of the pros: music production, mixing, recording, songwriting, etc.

Jargon-free practical tuition from an experienced professional and qualified educator.

  • Mixing Demystified: bring your own workstation or track for a one-day mixing session in which you’ll learn how to get the best out of your system.
  • Recording/Production: learn the secrets of music production (micing real drums, guitars, vocals, virtual instruments, etc.,) and workflows.
  • Songwriting/Composition: discover the secrets of successful writing, songs, library music, beats, etc.
  • Session Musician’s Skills: real-world case studies of the modern session musicians’ world, including online session work.

All our courses are one-to-one events. This format allows the learner to customise their experience, focussing on their own specific abilities and requirements.

Mixing Demystified:  this is a one-day course in which we will mix a song (either one of your tracks or a track previously recorded at Driftwood Studio) on your own laptop or our system. This course shows you how to get the best out of your existing system using whatever plugins you already have. From the underlying science of sound up to the final polished mix, you’ll come out with a deep understanding of how to mix your music.

Recording/Production: from mic technique to virtual instruments, this three-day course covers the essential skills needed to produce professional results whatever your resources. This can be delivered online.

Songwriting/Composition: spend a day with a published writer learning the secrets of successful writing with real-world case studies. Starting with an understanding of copyright law and working up to techniques for overcoming writer’s block, speed-writing, co-writing, library music composition, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to enhance your music production practice. Remember: the writer always gets paid and you only have to write it once but it goes on earning for the rest of your life.

Session Musician’s Skills: from basic etiquette and principles to client relationships, this one-day course uses real-world case studies to develop your skills as a session musician, whatever your instrument. Singers also can earn from session work! There is s special emphasis on Online Session work: artists and producers all over the world need session musicians: learn how to break into this market.

Individual 1-hour lessons: I-to-1 Zoom lessons on a topic of your choice. Contact us for booking and info.


All courses are £350 per 6-hour day. 1-to-1 Zoom sessions $45 for 1 hour.Book 3 courses and get our discounted price of £900 for the 3.

50% deposit required on all bookings.