Reducing string squeak noise from acoustic guitar

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  • charley foskett

    But I love string squeeeeeks! they are my favourite part of any voice and acoustic guitar music – I usually use the same exercise as in your video but get my automation going on them and drag it sky high to the top as far as it will go – then I come out of there and I then take off any limiter on that part and compress it to the maximum – once I’ve compressed it I then add another plug-in with another compressor on maximum meggga rock drum kit in aircraft hangers setting which makes my string squeeek sound like Godzilla’s fingers playing it.

    when I get back to my arrange page I then pour a whole bottle of tomato ketchup over my imac screen – and if I’m feeling a little playful whilst my client is getting very excited at what they are now hearing in the string sqweek area, I might throw a house brick at it (just gently without knocking the whole computer off the table) – I usually find that this enhances my production technique over and over – I’m now getting lots of production work from all the other patients in this nice psychiatric home.

    please feel free to give me a call any time – I’ll make your strings squeak really well and you’ll get on the radio I promise!

    charley foskett

    record producer at

    • jaystapley

      Have you been drinking again?

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