Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA) profile packs.

Driftwood Studio presents our custom-made Kemper Profiling Amp profiles. Using our collection of classic amps old and new, we create profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp with care and attention to detail.

From classic amps like the JCM800 with 4×12 JCM800 cabinet to modern classics like the Egnater Tweaker with Celestion greenback speaker, the range is designed to suit guitarists of all styles.

Profiling is done in our live room with the reference amp at gigging volume for authenticity.
The process is carefully controlled and carried out by veteran session guitarist Jay Stapley and up-and-coming young guitarist Russel Mendoza-Smith.

After trying various mics/mic combinations and listening back to the results in the control room, we found that the Shure Beta58a offered the most pleasing results, yielding a profile that would sit well in a mix, whilst also retaining the character, feel and vibe of the sound being produced by the amp in the live room.

The profiles were recorded into ProTools through a Neve 1073 mic pre, with the amp at gigging volume using , with no plug-ins, EQ, or other processing. The amps are set fairly flat, giving you scope to mould your own sound from the profiles.

All Driftwood profiles are studio profiles.
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Driftwood Studio Classic Amps Pack #1:

Egnater Tweaker h15 amp profiles

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