Driftwood Studio Egnater Tweaker 15 Pack #1:

96 studio profiles – every combination of every switch, on both clean and hot modes, at two gain stages per mode.

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This amp is a real swiss army knife of different sounds, the subtle differences in response between each setting make it a brilliant choice for finding a tone that sits just right in a mix.

The cab used was a vintage Celestion Greenback (mid-late 1970s, pulled from an old WEM cab)
Zilla Small Vintage 2×12.

These studio profiles were captured in Driftwood’s live room, using a Shure Beta58a through a Neve 1073 mic pre into ProTools.


The EQ for all profiles was set fairly flat, allowing you to mould your own tone, as follows:
Bass 1 o’clock
Middle 11 o’clock
Treble 1 o’clock

Clean profiles were made with the Gain at 9 o’clock, amp on clean mode
Crunch profiles were made with the Gain at 3 o’clock, amp on clean mode
Hot profiles were made with the Gain at 12 o’clock, amp on hot mode
HiGain profiles were made with the Gain at 3 o’clock, amp on hot mode

The master was set to 2 o’clock for all profiles – we found this to be the sweet spot before the amp began to compress undesirably.

All switch settings are listed in the comments section of the amp tags for your reference.

For quick reference, the number at the end of each profile corresponds to the following switch settings:

1 = vintage/normal/deep
2 = vintage/bright/deep
3 = vintage/bright/tight
4 = vintage/normal/tight
5 = modern/normal/deep
6 = modern/bright/deep
7 = modern/bright/tight
8 = modern/normal/tight

Thank you for your business, we hope you enjoy these profiles!

We are selling these in packs of 24 profiles at £20 per pack or all 4 packs for £65.
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Egnater Tweaker profile packs: