Have your electric guitar tracks re-amped using our classic amp collection.

For anyone who records electric guitars through virtual amps or is restricted by noise considerations:
Try our re-amping service!
Have your guitars re-amped through one of our classic amps at full live volume in our 7×4 metre live room.

There are three options:

    £15 basic service: one mic,
    £20 advanced service: one close mic, one room mic,
    £25 premium service: one close mic, room mic, ribbon mic.

All mics are recorded through Neve 1073 mic pre-amps.

Amps available include:
JCM800 + 4×12 JCM800 cab
1970s Wem Dominator MkII
Fender “The Twin” (the one known as the ‘red knob’ amp.
Fender HotRod Deluxe
Marshall JCM2000 combo
Mesa Boogie Mk1

We also have a Kemper Profiling Amp with hundreds of profiles which we run through our Zilla cab with Celestion Greenback speaker.

Service options
Prices for 1 track only