Driftwood Studio Kemper Profiling Amp profile pack available soon!

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We have profiled all our classic amps here at Driftwood: A JCM800 with 4×12 cab, Wem Dominator, Fender HotRod deluxe, Marshall JCM 2000 combo, all sounding great! The pack will be available soon, but in the meantime here’s a taster: email us at info@driftwoodstudio.uk  with KPA in the subject line and get a free sample of 3 of the profiles.

The profiles were created by veteran session guitarist Jay Stapley and up-and-coming session guitarist Russel Mendoza-Smith at Driftwood Studio using the studio’s amps and will be released for sale on the studio’s website.

Coming soon is an Egnater Tweaker Profile Pack, with every combination of every switch at 3 different gain stages!

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