Driftwood Studio Classic Amps Pack #1:

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“The WEM Crunch is a corker!” Geoff Whitehorn.
14 studio profiles, consisting of:

Fender ‘The Twin’ (Red knob Twin)

2×12 Combo

Stock Fender speakers

2 profiles

– ‘The Twin’ Clean

– ‘The Twin’ Clean & Drive (Both clean and drive channels simultaneously, producing a crunch tone with great clarity and weight)

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

1×12 Combo

Stock Fender speakers

4 profiles

– Fender HRD Clean

– Fender HRD Bright CLN (with bright switch in)

– Fender HRD Drive (overdrive channel)

– Fender HRD More Drive (overdrive channel with ‘more drive’ switch in)

Marshall JCM800 2203 100w

100w single channel head

4×12 Marshall JCM800 1960b cab, Celestion G12T-75 speakers

3 profiles, focusing on the all too often overlooked lower gain capabilities of the amp, although they sound great when you push the gain up too!

– JCM800 Clean

– JCM800 Crunch (profiled just as the amp was at point of breakup)

– JCM800 Pushed (amp pushed with a Fulltone Fat Boost. Profiled a lower gain setting, this creates a weighty, clear & glassy crunch, that can be really pushed over the edge with the ‘Gain’ knob on the KPA)

Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 

1×12 Combo

Stock Marshall/Celestion speaker

3 profiles

– JCM2000 Combo Clean

– JCM2000 Combo Crunch (OD1 channel)

– JCM2000 Combo Dist (OD2 channel)

W.E.M. Dominator MKIII 

1×12 combo

Celestion Greenback speaker

2 profiles

– WEM crunch

– WEM crunch TB (with top boost switch in)